• Klas & Sylph provides a 90-day warranty for all items with net purchase price of USD 50.00 and above from the date of your purchase.
  • Klas & Sylph reserves the right to repair, replace, or subsidize the cost of repair for any items confirmed to have the following defects:
    • Loose outsole
    • Detached sock lining
  • In the case of broken or detached accessories, such as buckles or studs, we will send spare parts necessary for repair to you.
  • Unless informed otherwise, you must submit your warranty claim to sales@klas-sylph.com. To speed up the warranty claim process:
    • Please quote the order number(s) of the claimed items as reference.
    • Please provide detailed descriptions of the defects.
    • Please also take photos of the defects and attached them to the email.
  • We will process your warranty claim once the validity and eligibility of your warranty claim has been confirmed.
  • The defective items must be returned to us in their original packaging. Please make sure that the returned defective items are carefully and securely packaged to avoid any further damage during transit.
  • Defective items are not refundable. We will provide a replacement of the defective items if they cannot be repaired.
  • If the claimed defective items have in fact been tampered by you, we reserve the right to refuse to repair, replace, or subsidize the claimed items, and your warranty will be automatically revoked. No refunds will be made, and you will be responsible for all the expenses incurred in return shipping as well.
  • If we choose to subsidize the cost of a repair service, which is suitable for minor defects like loose outsole or broken accessories,
    • We will deliver spare parts required for the repair to you.
    • You will provide an official invoice of the repair service that you’ve received to claim your repair subsidy.
    • The repair subsidy is limited to USD 15.00 under any circumstance.
  • If there is any dispute, Klas & Sylph’s decision will be final.