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KS Reward Points

  1. You are entitled to receive KS Reward Points for completing your purchase order on this website. You can also gain extra points for participating in online promotional activities that we organize from time to time (in which case, we will provide specific information on the amount of points that you could possibly earn as well as any other rules).
  2. KS Reward Points are calculated from Sale Price less promotional coupon discounts and discounts from redeeming your KS Reward Points, if any.
  3. You will receive 1 KS Reward Point for every USD 1.00 spent.
  4. 20 KS Reward Points can be redeemed for USD 1.00 discount.
  5. The minimum discount required to redeem is USD 10.00.
  6. The option to redeem will automatically appear on the Cart and Checkout page as soon as your current KS Reward Points balance is 200 points or higher (i.e. equivalent to or more than the minimum discount required to redeem of USD 10.00).
  7. KS Reward Points cannot be redeemed in conjunction with other promotional discounts, except with regular discounts as offered and displayed on the Site.
  8. KS Reward Points will expire in 365 days from the date that you receive the points.
  9. You can view your current KS Reward Points and other relevant details by logging in to the Buyer’s user account.
  10. We reserve the rights to make changes to the reward and redemption rules without prior notice.