Is Klas & Sylph’s footwear suitable for over-pronated or over-supinated feet?

Klas & Sylph’s footwear is embedded with orthopedically contoured arch support, hence it is suitable for both over-pronated and over-supinated feet.

Over pronation is the condition in which the feet roll inwards and the arch of the feet flatten (i.e. fallen/collapse arch). This symptom usually occurs to flat-footed individuals. If your feet are over-pronated, then our midsole with low or medium arch support is recommended for you.


Supination, on the other hand, is the condition in which the feet roll outwards (i.e. opposite of over pronation) and places excessive weight onto the outside of the foot and raising the arch. This symptom usually occurs to individuals with high-arch feet. If you have over-supinated feet, then our midsole with high arch support is suitable for you. Please click here to read more about over supination.


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